so, in my craigslist advertising ventures, i posted i was looking for someone to get into a threesome with me and dylan when dylan gets back from iraq.  in the words of becky's friend, "".  look at this.  i feed off this stuff.

return address:

well that's interesting....

couple of things...

  I went  to the website and then realized who you meant by Dylan. I did make and attempt to try to find the pic you were talking about and waded my way through the convoluted mess that Dylan calls a website even though I had already pretty much decided that I ahd NO INTEREST IN YOU even though I had not even seen your picture.

  You might ask yourself why?


  I have been around for a fair amount of time. here starts his elite "i'm better than you" attitude. I've seen a lot of people, ;) traveled, ;) been involved in a lot of groups, ;) organizations, ;) served on a couple of community boards, ;) owned four businesses ;) employing as many as 54 people at a time....I've been around a little. ;) Long and the short of it is that I've not really run across another SELF HATING FAGGOT like him in all my years. i thought your types were on a crusade to rid the world of hate-speech In general they are very said, lonely and pathtic and lonely people. He is all the worse because he has money. Unfortunately he learned nothing. what does one have to do with the other, and what should i have learned, o great kreskin?He was given a second chance in life having survived a tragic accident and he pisses it and the money away with all this hatred. in my opinion, you piss your life away with what you do with the money you worked hard to earn

  I have nothing but contempt for him or ANYONE that has ANYTHING to do with him.dare you say 'hatred,' but then i guess my site is not a "hate-site," but a "contempt site".

The world would truely i'm through assuming they're typos be a better place if the brain damaged retard *alert* hate-speech! would die. ;)

  believe it or not...I actually toned this e-mail down and made it nicer than the original to get rid of the "hate-speech"?

I have but one thing to say after reading his letter, and it is reminiscent of Steve Stifler.

check out my site, , unless you're there now