i emailed my dad and asked him how i'd be able to get guidance to change my investments into something that would not collapse in case the religion of peace had its way with the economy of the usa.  i was asking a serious question, a valid question, given how "death to the west" is a common mantra of iran and the religion of peace.  i remember after september 11, the fear i had as i watched my investments go down - i even pulled out of prudential because of this.

anyway, after i told him how i hear commercials for investing in gold and/or foreign markets, after i ask if i should do that, my dad tells me that i watch the wrong channels.  excuse me?  does iran and islam's ilk actually NOT want to kill anyone who does not convert?  does iran and islam's ilk actually NOT want to bring this country "to its knees" financially and in every other way it can?

i hear jim quinn in the back of my head: "Facts don't matter when you're a democrat".

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