i got a used wetsuit for $35 to exercise in my pool in the fall, and if it works...i will get a thicker one for winter.

i'm always on my bed i'm always on my bed

the 61" hdtv is 4 feet in front of the bed, it is my computer monitor.

i hooked up the ms. pac-man joystick to the tv and played it just like the actual arcade game in my room that no longer works.
i would not use it even if it did work, since i can now play the same arcade game on my bed.

a week ago, i got a rubber tube exerciser from ebay, handles on each end of the two-foot long tubes.
i usually do bench-press with the tubes behind my back and my pressing the handles out in fromt of me.

and i lay on my stomach and either hump the bed or exercise my behind by clenching it repeatedly.

i like to sing on my bed when i am working on the computer.

i have dumbbells, but holding one end of the rubber tube exerciser with my foot and curling the other end is way funner.
i use an overhand grip and pull as well as an underhand grip to curl.

my computer and stereo and printer and scanner are all behind my bed.  i will soon get a few foot lockers to set them on.

i have a treadmill to the right, propped up on a thing of joint compound to give me an added incline.

to the left is a gym using bodyweight resistance, i do one-leg legpress and incline situps and pullups (slideups) mostly.
(i have the actual pullup bar on the doorway of my bathroom)

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