it will be new year's eve tonight - i am alone again.

holiday! celebrate!
holiday! celebrate!

i don't look to holidays, wastes my time to celebrate
just one day out of life i don't need, cuz i feel no strife

everybody has to work, they gotta have a celebration
for a swap of worlds, for feeling elation
my mind makes my good life, in bed undoubtf'lly sat'sfied, oh yeah
i make in bed, my pleasure - my puppies, the net, sure
don't need a holiday

i don't look to holidays, in my mind i celebrate (come on, i have no dates)
when i stay by my side (anyplace),i give me what i need to shine

as i turn this song around to sing of all of my happy ways
i am laying down, my mind just contemplates
rel'vant rhymes, i feel alive this way, i'm filled with pleasure
just to make songs better, don't need no holiday

if i took a holiday (holiday)
i'd find a diff'rent place (to spawn what i create)
what i've made of my life (every day of my life)
it's my being, why i feel so nice

ooh yeah, ooh yeah
sometimes i masturbate
i have got my sexu'l pleasure

i got my sexu'l pleasure, takes no time to masturbate
(got to much better than sexu'l relations)
(got to much better cuz sex it can take long)

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