"i can't talk to girls, and when i do talk to them, i screw it up" - jim levinstein

see, when i stay home, i'll never be scolded by those dudes
they're role models, yes, they're better - i don't wanna be bruised
so i turn my back on the world that i have never had
though my heart stays cracked, not anyone else can much add to that

but my annoyance is i need others, and i wish i felt nothing
then it might be easy to be a friendless-type dude

now all i see's people shunning my being, putting me down
and it's just untrue, but during my youth there was no doubt
i'm not mourning it, but being a queer makes it known
sayin it's no health to be a man who cannot be his only

and my annoyance is i need brothers, and i wish i felt nothing
then it might be easy to speak to the better dudes

and i know you will see that my esteem is so wrong here,
even worse, the gay dudes who keep trying to maintain their share

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