"what do you do for fun," gays i chat with ask.
if i said, "i live. i experience myself," they'd call me a freak.
poor souls.

oh, if you're alone and bored, do you think you could show me a good time?  really?

is it getting better, or do you need a change?
live to make life easier on you how? you've got to celebrate
you say, "love fun, fun times," like you can't be satisfied
"have fun," he's not embarrassed, leaves his same-olds
he's just so transient

do you disappoint you or leave you sad, stay'n in your house
you act like you never grant fun to you, don't dream me as unsound
bet it's too great a fight to grant the happiness to your life
"have fun," just sneers, "i'm so lame"
your pleasures happen with others - can't be much funner

grab some fun, real bored's your 'xistence
grab someone else, babe, i'm set
grab someone queer and make queer-lust
cuz your pleasure's in your bed

did i grasp your luck? torn-in-two, botched?
you say you're stunning, show me what you've got
"have fun," it's a crying-shame
cuz you hurt for others, to yourself you can't tend

you say, "fun makes me better, fun makes me a god"
"fun breaks depression, fun makes me look strong"
you grasp not what's said here, because you praise your god
but i can't condone your god, cuz what's your god?
a phony god of hurt?

love fun, love fun, fun lives, you've got to booze-up and screw
fun lives with the others, it's no blunder
fun life cuz we've gotten lame, our pleasures happen with others
can't be much funner
one strife

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