if environmentalists piss you off for being so MENTAL, use twice as many energy-saving lightbulbs.

a weekly save of thirty-eight pounds
is not handy to waste or kick to the ground
he's losing his jim...my to see surges in
his spending on more important things like porn
dylan will giggle and beam when he ventures out
just for little ass to ream
he'll be rich and quite green
he'll trike it all, man, no money on the sport-van

he'll be new, living life choking not on a full tank
trikes don't eat up sunoco or less your bank's saves
such an effort just to go green to do "his share"
but just seven days uses full tank of gas

with fluorescents, house lit-up til the black night will turn
he thinks they made fluorescents just to stay burn'n
such savings are given by al gore and his clan
using much of their ways, thank greenies, i can save me a grand

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