i wrote a review of the richard marx album, rush street, in journalism class my senior year.  i don't think i regarded "superstar" as a critique of madonna, back then.
by the second line, i made up my mind to create a domain, maybe "thewayweswing.com," and have the index of all my parodies.
and send tons of emails to record companies, and like all my emails, they cannot be deemed as spam - it's like wearing one of my t-shirts to a job interview or a social function.

i'm the king of my own little world where i just hate and bash
got no offers rolling in, cuz no record lords have likely glanced
everyone here wants to know me, it's not in my head
it's seen when i'm 'round town and the open arms i sense
maybe they all wanna do me, but - uh, it's more than that

won't then anybody love me, won't they do it if my web's
naming me as a loner cryin' out for help

i'm a superstar, but i don't get very far
but your loving can be a place to start
if you'd give me glee, maybe i'd follow dreams
my demons'd stop if friends would be

i faced the end of my youth with a slighted little injured brain
i talk to people with a tongue and a view i've harbored since tenth grade
mine is the same life i had the day i almost died
all i've got's convictions made the days of teenaged pride
as for my head, well it seems i should not be my age
all i want's a dad's protection from what is bad
i need his understanding, hey that's why i'm fag

i'm no superstar, but it's no untruth i'm par
world's loving can help me deal with scars
i've no self-esteem, baby, so set me free
i really want a record deal, yeaaaaah ooooh!

take a look around me now, my form should be on stage
take a chance and make me be a singer in your play
all my life is a front so give my world a try

i'm a superstar, can you get me very far?
local fame don't get me very far
i'm a wanna-bee, ain't that what's acting?
be someone else and grab esteem?

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