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bill Ayers' plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions

hear obama's bitch, can you still say bush is a dictator? in the immortal words of maculay culkin, "iiiiiii don't think so"
barack hussein obama commits a felony three times!
will someone please just parody (curious) george michael's "monkey"
barack's gameplan to ruin america
this is the president this is our president

obama's america is canada
"We believe in hard work. We believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance"

obama said this, but socialism is the furthest thing from personal responsibility and self-reliance - it's reliance on the government to be responsible for one's person.
a. Occidental College records not released?

b. Columbia College records not released?

c. Columbia thesis paper not available?

d. Harvard records not released?

e. Selective Service registration not released?

f. Medical records not released?

g. Illinois state Senate schedule not available?

h. Illinois State Senate records not available?

i. Certified copy of original birth certificate not released?

j. Baptism record not available?
a bunch of obamatubes


"iran is and is not a serious threat"

*** obama's promises ***

obama's threats

obama's racism

gore burns more kWh

obama's 57 states

and if you think bush's economy is bad, take a look at what the nigger wants to do with it

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