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regarding exercise (3/05/08)

i like to surf the web to compare myself to Strongwoman.  i found some olympian or so she claimed to be, though she could do a half of pat robertson's 2000 pound leg-press, i do 8 reps of 290.  so i have a ways to go to do a little superiority dance.  but she said she curled 96 pounds and got a world record.  um, i can curl 40, so i am halfway there, i guess.  oh, wait, that's 96 pounds for two of her female arms.  i wonder how many reps.  right now, i can curl 6 reps of a 40 lb dumbbell.  and a real set of 10-12 while curling 2 35lb dumbells like a 70lb barbell.

usually, Strongwomen i find online aren't able to curl much more than 15 or 20 each arm.  and, judging by the weight that the leg-press is set at when i get on it, Strongwoman usually does less than 100 lbs.  sixty, is what i remember now - the leg-press was at sixty pounds.  i don't know who was using it, it could've been a 60 year-old lady.

like that video i posted, where Strongwoman - complete with huge arms and big biceps - curled fifty pounds for 11 reps.  gosh, i can't curl fifty pounds.  oh, wait, that's with two female strongarms.

i read normal men curl between 60 and 80 pounds.  so i'm there.  i do a hammer curl/shoulder press combo with two 35lb dumbells.  i do that for 6 reps.  11-12 pull-ups, i want to be able to do the marine's 20.  20 push-ups in matchbox 20 seconds.  maybe 21.

i went to the y a few days ago and got on the bench-press - two 45lb weights were on the bar.  i thought, "i can do 90lbs" - i didn't think the bar weighed 45 pounds, but olympic bars do.  so it didn't come falling on my chest, but i couldn't press it up from close to my chest, and soon the one weight fell off the bar.  then i went to a "chest press" machine and did 135lbs for a set of eight, i can't remember how many reps.

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