this is my accomplishment page.  i do accomplish things.

today, the fresh prince's voice kept playing in my head: "and if it ain't broke, then don't try to fix it," but i wanted to clean my website up.  there were too many unused files and i wanted to get them out, i also wanted the html files on a server separate from the other files.  so, i used an offline browser to spider the site online, then save it to my hard drive - it altered the links to correspond to being on folders on my hard drive, and this had me occupied for hours.  i expected it to take the file and put it on my computer.  so, when i realized what happened, i had to use a text replacing program to change the links to what they should be.

i guess i was working on it for 12 hours, but it is finally done.  i did not swim today, i went to the store only to get food.  which brings me to my next accomplishment.

i have a goal of being 137 pounds, that is the number of my first house.  when i went to the store, i was looking for bagged salad for a dollar.  they had it for like 2 dollars, i did not want to pay that much, so i got cole slaw in a bag.  cabbage and carrots and other stuff, i brought salad dressing and that is what i have been eating all day.

i have been as much as 146, always wanting to be back at 137 (as i was last summer), and eating super-low calorie foods will reunite me with my peace-of-mind.  along with water exercises i do in my greenhouse - okay, in the inground pool that is in my greenhouse - these things are giving me a nice body.  and that is a goal, one i accomplish more and more every day.

it really feels good to know that i have accomplished what i wanted to with my website.  it is uploading right now, with no broken links - i downloaded a program to check the links and make sure they are okay.  i don't know what else to say.  all i started writing this page for, was i guess as a finale.  got the website done, got down to 142 on the scale, got my cole slaw that fills me up enough so that i do not want to eat much else.

check out my site, , unless you're there now