i have been afraid of diet drinks because of their use of aspertame, so i have been looking for alternatives.  yesterday, i passed a mr coffee iced tea maker for $15 at wal-mart.  i shared a house in maryland with someone in maryland who had an automatic iced tea maker, and i loved the iced tea it made.  so i bought this one, but i didn't have much luck making yummy iced tea.  i think i always put too much lemon in, and was always trying to sweeten it with next-to no calorie sweeteners.  they just ruined it.

so i tried putting a coffee filter in, and making iced coffee.  in the words of jim levinstein, "jackpot, baby," i love the iced coffee i make, i sweeten it with regular sugar and today i had nothing but a chocolate drink early morning, and a bunch of coffee throughout the day - a sandwich at 3 or 5, more coffee til 8:30 - an apple and more coffee.  i lost at least 2 pounds in 12 hours.

i am real skinny.  i see it this way: the more food i eat, the more i'd have to exercise to get a defined body.   a cut body.  i wanna stay slim so there'd be little between my skin and muscle.  that is how i see it, i am probably mistaken about physiology or anatomy or something, but that's how i see it.

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