today, june 16, i was in wal-mart and looking in the boys' department for tank-tops.  i was wearing my spiderman boxer/briefs.  three girls came up to me, they were like 17 or something, and introduced themselves.  they asked why i didn't wear pants, i said that i was wearing pants, and she said "no, these are pants" and pointed to her normal length shorts.  i was like, "have you seen the shorts that some girls wear," and she nodded her head.  so now that that is out of the way...

we started talking, even about the boys' "soccer" tank-top i was wearing, i said that i bought it cuz it was only $3.  "at goodwill," she asked. i'm like, no i bought it here at wal-mart.  with my short shorts and short tank-top, of course she asked if i like short things.  i thought she was talking about my small penis, so i just kept my mouth shut.  then, she's like "do you like short clothes," and i'm like "i guess so".  by this time it was getting uncomfortable.  she's like "i like short clothes, i like to be naked," i think i remember her saying.  that's tmi, too much information.  i may have told her i am not interested in girls, if she didn't seem put off when i answered the question about my age.

"i know, i know, i look about 25," i said.  so, we talked a little more, then one of the girls says, "well, it was nice meeting you," and they left.  the one who did most of the talking asked me if i wanted to be her "best friend," while they were walking away.  this was getting weird.  so i said, "i don't know you," she told me her name and i said "okay," and they went on their way.

the whole thing made me feel like such a superstar.

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