i know why someone told me that i was corny and egotistical to answer "what do you do for fun" with "i like to be around myself". i know why, because i just felt why. i was online as i usually am, in gay chat rooms to advertise myself and my site, but there was nothing to do otherwise. i don't even like talk radio when i have nothing to do, because it doesn't keep my mind occupied. i wasn't in the mood to write a song, until i really started defending myself in my own mind. and when i started to write a song parody of prince's "the morning papers," which starts with "he relies," i was like "he relies on people too-too much". then i knew it would go in the direction of one of my previous "morning papers" parodies, so i just changed the first line of the previous one.

when i have nothing to think about, nothing to occupy my mind, i long for the company of someone else. i don't long for someone else often, because i like being at home, i like being with myself. i occupy my mind - i entertain myself, singing or lip synching, or even just talking to becky: "oh...my...god...becky, look at her butt!  it is so big."

and so on.

yes, i talk to becky a lot. this one time, at band camp, my friend said "it's 7 o'clock already," and i said, "oh...my...god...becky, look at the time...it is so late".

this is why it is fun to be around me, i have no idea what i'm going to do next.  i am sorry if you think i am corny or egocentric for being entertained by myself. i am sorry for you, the state of your mind, i am sorry that the gays who speak endlessly of the importance of self-love...leave themselves bored and longing for someone else to occupy their time.

that was pretty eloquent.

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