this came from the bangles' everything album.  i bought it at the neshaminy mall in bensalem with seth, when it was new.  he asked me to go christmas shopping there.

out my window, they shame me and scoff
cuz i stay home, won't lock-step their walks
in the mirror, ooh reflections of me
i'm the interest that keeps me sound
is that too much for you, pal?

oh, how i wanna be,
i think i should...i think i should be with me
a touch of self-esteem...oh, i think i should be with me

thought i saw ya saying "make my day"
to a call-guy you would be hot to lay
now you're cornered - when in doubt, hump...sure
is that the look of in-need
so, are you just a sex-fiend

what you gonna do,
i think you should be your dude
self-love is overdue...oh, i think you should be your dude

the men i lust in fant'sy, looking at magazine
they are so much my type, i'm praising the dude
every boner that i suck is just seen as mine
the realism strifes my gay dreams

oh my, how i try to be with dean, but
i should be with me
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