i was 142 on the scale, thought "i'm five pounds away from my target weight," so i went into the bathroom to try to poop it out.  "5 pounds o' poop," i thought, "that sounds like a prince song".

then it got to be a rant about people who tell me that my life is wrong.

* on the lyric sheet in the purple rain lp sleeve...maybe it was lovesexy...it was one where the lyrics were in actual handwriting - that i am sure of.  anyway, prince didn't write "i" - he drew a picture of an eye.  though this song did not come from the purple rain soundtrack, i'm just saying.  then he did "u" and "r" and "4" and all that.

if eye don't eat, u'd vow eye have a depression
if eye don't eat, doctor'll call it just not right
if eye don't sneer at accusations they have 4 me
if eye don't sneer, i'd fear 4 my life
eye will not rest til eye drop five

u say eye'm wrong, scream and yell, then go
eye thought of hitler and mind-control
eye no u want me 2 fall in-line
with your life
is that life?

this morning eye wanted a cup of coffee,
but u said health-risks r in cream
last night eye saw u in 'fridgerator,
2 hide what was bad for my being
coupled with the fact that u're headstrong 2 see blundered
my brain-injured sight, i'm pissed
so, liberals want control from nanny-state that is governmental
"freedom shouldn't b"
they will cry 4ever 4 victims of being free
they want 2 ment'lly chain our minds

they want speech chained with codes
2 change our minds forever
they talk diversity, but they know
they're out to praise the devil
they want speech changed with codes
2 chain our minds forever
the university loves speech-codes
top-down, escape is never

take back ur chains
if u don't, truth will die
liberals will shun what is truth with "pride"

they want speech chained with codes
2 change our minds 4ever
if some of us fail these codes
ruin is sure befalling
if one of us fails speech-codes (speech chained with codes)
ruin is sure befalling
ruin will sure befall me, baby (chain my mind, you'll never)
cuz i sho'nuff hate the libs
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