i like officer krystal from american wedding, when she says "i'll be giving YOU an enema!"

hump that cunt, gal-pow'r makes me cum full-blast - i'm hot now
hot screw, sit right down and have in you, all that is dylan - missus krystal, then
oh, i know she's nothing strong as me, can bruise her if i must

enema, enema! enema, enema!

i'm fucking psyching - ride me, my queen
get the feel'n for my zeal n' semen, do your heart's dream
want you, discipline and have my tool
get me off and, hun, i'll spew what girls do
though i know she's nothing strong as he, i'll view the girls as tough

enema, enema! enema, enema!

yeah, i'm fucking that ditzy bitch twat tonight
i can barely see the truth, with the speech that i talk (and shit)
as she mounts my thing, i say "easy, please, gal"

she's buying my lies, and i'm aligned right with her rear-view
strong, my queen is - vow this, feel your pistons poppin
lay that hottie now!

enema, enema! enema, enema!
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