it just hit me. "an infamous man".

some people pray for a greater regard, with nothing backing the hope but a want
they hear a voice saying, "you're so fine," they're told that and just feign their pride then
some people live with an ego that's busted through anger of having played the fool
they will not listen to anyone, so no one can give them their pride

"i know you're lonely, professing yourself not lonely, but you are all by yourself"
said one who birthed you

but i see the love teeming out of you much, you're occupying you with inner-zeal
i see the love in you, and i see you restore your way when you're sad
some people deem you a child who just won't be more than seventeen because you're so dumb
i know that dylan just beams with life, and this guy is an infamous man

i am an infamous man, oh yes i am

some people say they do recognize me, because my car is my easel for art
because they always remember my gems, hateful bumper-slogans, witty scorn
some people deem me a 'ho, dressed in tight short threads like ladies in summer do well
some feel they're violatees and hurt, they hate and deface my old ford

i know they don't wanna be slapped in face, they know i'm gonna keep poking away

cuz i don't care and cuz i can get high, slighting queer equal rights
i'm not above playing fool to show them
i'm not above playing fool, make them riled, when they're schooled through me they'll understand
some people shun the imposter in tights who seems to live on stage ridic'lousness
and i know this is the life that i choose, i am truly an infamous man

i am an infamous man, oh yes i am an infamous man

i know i wouldn't even dress in short tights
i guess i'd rather mock the daughters tonight
that's my decision, my pride isn't low when your father says "go
live like a man and self-respect your maledom"
i'm not above showing back of my car in the town-square to mock all the fags
some people choke on satirical words, some people just accept and learn my logic
my cock's willing to lay ev'ry guy, that's why i'm an ambivalent man

i'm an ambivalent man, and yes i am an infamous man
oh oh oh oh
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