here's one for james earl ray, the murderer of that famous nigger

james, 'twas a good intent, but your communist-hate
made a greater man of the black, his own damned holiday
how could you have known he'd be truly celebrated?

james, if you spared his life then he might not be
nig who's ever-praised, nigs would never find equality
i would feel so cool living under segregation

james, you did so much i could not
everybody knows your sacrifice
hey, but look at what has now become
sad to see you gave the blacks their time

james, what the hell's been made
i've been working hard cuz well i own no slaves
someone outlawed negros working hard
dude, i'd look to you...but you're no good
see what you started, james

how could you have known you would move their reparations?
james, how could you have known for sure
everyone'd be so damned colorblind?
hey, but everything is so demure
cuz everyboody needs to have their pride

james, do you like blacks' rights?
do you cry for me, and would you ever take
back killing martin luther king?
dude, i'd look to you...but you're no good
see what you've started, james
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