i had a phone emergency, and the verizon store was full to the brim on black friday - pardon me, african-american friday.  (i wouldn't put it past them)

this song came out after my senior year, when i left school in may because i was sick of being emotionally disabled and distressed.

ord'ring a mo...bile to phone home, i need to get it faster
every time they assemble, it's when they need no pay
they're off-clock here, why don't i stay away - the day they shop
why does my anger fester if they have freedom, it's not a weekend

but i, i don't wanna say it, i don't want them finding of my ways
the hate that moves me 'way from crowds, ooh...
i, i, i can be pissed trying to buy what has been on my list
these fucking holidays may sound cool, they're just another day

hating the guys standing in line, insane to say they're bastards
why do they have to intrude, the privacy lost was something
(privacy lost was something good)
live for the chance to break it (give me no chance at saneness)
not on the clock? don't run and shop!

i, i don't wanna hate them, i just want them shopping other days
ration your off-days, less crowds move

if they have freedom, it's mine they're stealing
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