i was fantasizing about the pool clerk, i jizzed and shut down.  and it didn't matter that i was alone, because i got to the same place - klymaxx.  oh, that was an 80s group.  anyway, all i need is just a fantasy, and here is my parody of vanilla ice's "life is just a fantasy".

i guess it'll be like one of my "sometimes a fantasy" parodies.

no, no, you'll see it's turning into something nostalgic

in my dreams, i vision myself as i'd so been
school friends before my head had pounded the road, and
seeing all my homies, know i'm so much in high school
let me tell you how it is to be young when it isn't youth
voguing madonna, i'm back in may 1990
posing and voguing with donna pinciotti
see, i wanna be back in school, is that alright?
surely wanna live my past life, once turning out right
my head won't sound or act my age that much
you see a man, a nice man who's out-of-touch
this ain't no fantasy, not like a dream
cuz dylan's head is injured to the utmost extreme

oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, time is just a-standing still

now let me make it sound, cuz i can justify
once i drank a toast in eric's basement one night
oh yeah, the night was all laughs
the night with the guys, donna, jackie in fact
and later on, two nights, dreamt i got in my car
was driving high school friends, we didn't get very far
i made a honk to hear, awakened from the dream
seems nowhere is me, these scars are making me weird
oh, sure, the dreams are good
but shouldn't i act as old as my number would?
i'm not that dizzy, but i could have been untimely
again, i'm sixteen but in time i'm thirty-five years

talk of the front-lobe that started flipping roles
yearn for my life, i'll assume the pose
over and over, i can be your patient
but talk won't change my noggin or how it's been shaken
i know most talk behind when i show them my back
i say that their staring, ooh, just makes me so glad
this is my fantasy, it's like a dream
cuz dylan's head was injured with the mind of a teen

oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, time is just a-standing still

shamon, that's me, just let me be a boy
and let me do as i would have, to live like boys
depressed how? i know you wanna say "dude,
you're screwed up in the brain, and you need drugs for mood"
i never said my name is crier, i think that i'm fine
you may just have to placate and let me live life
don't need no druggies - heck, you're more the mess
i'm glad just to know myself, no i'm not depressed
you say, "you wrong, you so wrong"
don't know how you think, bet you like feeling smart
this is your fantasy, your highest dream
you're dissing what is dylan, cuz you spite his esteem

oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, time is just a-standing still
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