the longest time
(it's been years and you haven't changed your pic on the gay sites)

if you said you like to meet tonight
staring at the nude pic that is mine
i'm never psyched, dude, i'm not excited by you
you haven't changed yours for the longest time

once i thought your image was such brawn
now i won't be happ'ly strung along
that man said "howdy" when i looked much less arousing
i haven't been there for the longest time

whoa, oh oh oa, for the longest time
whoa oh oh, for the longest...

i'm that boy, you're seeing what's my all
and you've made satirical of yours
so how i see you is how you really see you
you wanna back-up what's the longest time

maybe youth won't last very long
but you be your type, like i am my own
maybe i'm emoti'nally a tard, but i've got that scar
and i've come to accept it

who knows how much further you'll go on
saying you're an army-brat who's hung
just make your man, kid, i give myself second-glances
i haven't did this for the longest time

maybe youth won't last very long
but tend to yourself, win all of your heart
now i know you couldn't feel so wrong
when wonderful you are, more important to know that

i don't care what consequence it brings
i will bring my truths out while i sing
i want to so bad, i think my thoughts are so rad
i intend to grow from how they've changed my mind

whoa, oh oh oh, how i've changed my mind
oh oh oh, for the change of mind
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