"i hate sex, and i'm not gonna stand around, busting my balls over something that - quite frankly, isn't that damned important" - jim levinstein

i was rubbing off to a big strong behind humping someone.  just looking at it not jiggle made me want to kiss and lick and get better acquainted with it

i feel stupid cuz i know your toned ass is norm
i've been guessing that it wouldn't be smelling raw
i won't blow you, pal, my eyes saw balls whem my nose said "yow"
and my whole fag-being turned around

i feel stupid when i cum cuz i wanna go
and i'm self-hating when i'm run by my libido
i'm not gay and proud, i've bigger things i can croon about
cuz my whole fag-being ain't profound

so why i give a fanfare, looking at an ass that's round
the things i see and lust about, don't much amount
to a thing, once my load of jizzum shoots out
and i'm lost and i'm hopeless, just being so focused
when i'm weiner-strokin, i'm such a putz, my fag-being

i feel stupid, cuz i see why i'm wet for brawn
i feel stuck here in my head, where i'm not on-par
prove my boner now, justified by my own self-doubt
when my whole fag-being came around

know why i give a fanfare, looking at an ass that's round
i seem to feel untethered when guys deem me sound
do you think you can phone, invite me out?
cuz i'm lost and i'm hopeless and feeling so broken
when guys won't be showing some love, it sucks
and it's fag-breeding

and i've been crying, doesn't absence make fond
well, i'm trying to make a life that i want
but i won't if guys they won't even give a call
don't have to tell me why, why, why
do i, i, i
feel stupid

will i come undone from this fag-breedin
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