i guess this is another version of my "i love it in my room all day". i remember this video from when i was real young, watching "friday night videos," probably.

well, you can just make-believe i'm a lonely-bird feeling strife
i'm just a looker, life ignores me, and my meek self-esteem is trite
and you can just make-believe all self-love vows i make are fronts
i'm apt to cry because i see my life the tragedy you think up

but when i need a little peace-of-mind
i've got lo-vers in my canines
i keep on swimming for some exercize
in my house, in my house

and when i need some fun or mindlessness
after remaking past pop hits
i've the zeal to make rocked, my world
in my house, in my house

and anytime, day or night, may be tawdry, i may be bare
lust for mens' nuts gets me boned, so i'll need to hump couch or chairs
and if i feel sad and blue, i have stuff keeps me occupied
i am awake, inner-zeal, and i'll cheer just to be alive

and when i need a little peace-of-mind
i won't go far cuz everytime
i keep me happy and so satisfied
in my house, in my house

and when i need some love i have my pets
nudity, dogs don't give a shit
it's the zeal that makes rocked, my world
it's my house, it's my house
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