one day, i was reminded of post-graduation, when someone (i think it was my hero, jd) held his middle finger up to me as we passed cars.   i think he did it because we didn't know each other, and he may have felt weird just because i made a dedicatory page in honor of him while i was doing journalism work at home in may or june after i'd given up on actually going to high school.

back to the story behind the song.  as i was driving one day, one man gives me the finger...probably reacting to my collage of offensive bumper stickers on the back of my car.

(see them by clicking the top masculivoid ad and then the "all the stickers" link)

one man come to berate me some
one can piss and moan
one man suffers from busted pride
one man ain't fully grown

in the name of art, i scorn in the name of art
in the name of art, your world i will shake through art

one man thought that i'm darn inc'rrect
one man sensitive
one man watched on the mtv
the man who's gay, get even

in the name of art, i scorn all the gays through art
in the name of art, your girls i will shake through art

surely tawdry, making art
not seen sound by common mens' lives
we don't care, don't prove you're right
you have no brain like i
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