there is this commercial on talk radio networks, with this little girl saying "can you imAAAgine a world where children don't dream or play or imAAAgine". you want to kill that little girl. it's like she's trying to be all cute and all, to appeal to liberals' bleeding hearts.

little girl, don't you express this rape
pack it away for years, until you are gone
just deal with the pain

little girl, never express my crime
keep all your cries inside
i want you to try to live with the pain

keep your head held high, try not to hint
never should decry guys when you're scared
that's what your ther'pist will try to unveil

little girl, know you're a shameful ass
to think you don't deserve this dick up inside

if you need to cry every summer, be warned
i will hear thy voice and i might need some more
wipe away all the blood, it's gonna be alright

i want the female strong, don't vent this truth
i want to say you are a tough dude

little girl, you've got to forget this act
and learn that your clit is guys'
promise the guys love to objectify

don't let feminists play games with your mind
if you make me smile, know it is right
you'll be feeling strong once you're screwing my dong

man's dick up inside makes a woman from child
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