it was cold and wet and rainy and windy one day

writing when time is unfun for me
matching the sounds almost phoenetic-ally
don't know why it's fun for me

well, it's cold it's wet, it will rain through the night
there's my bed and i'll be lying with my
puppies, better stay in - fuck traveling

on my bed, i'm picking at the songs known
from the days i had before i'd grown old
shaping, changing...

i do remember the songs back then
their records i'd just be playing and then
sheets of lyrics, i'd listen and read

and i know when i was seventeen and
near-disabled with no summertime friends
i had to figure out a reason to be

and way back when, the lyrics on the sheet told
me the ways to master writing songs, those
eighties made me

cold and wet and rain all night
on my bed, sure, i'm occupied
nothing better, brain needs a tease

and with no friends to lift me from my sweet home
i can praise the past with my own words, oh
shaping, changing...

it makes me think to parody the singles
loved by me, as taught by al the weirdo
shaping, changing...
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