this one's my justification for wearing basically underwear guised as "womens' summer clothes," from april to september.  i was recently asked to put a shirt over my tube-top at one restaurant, where the lady actually said "people are trying to eat here" and i said "what if i was a woman, would you let me wear it" - and years ago there was someone i know who was asked to put a shirt over his tank-top.

we can drag if we want to
we can tease the gender-lines
but with fem short pants, men need underpants
or it's scrotum-showtime
i say, we can roll how we want to
and play the ways of open minds
and we can gasp when we're unallowed cuz it hurts
sue like queers do for their "pride"
just be an ass

we can roll how we want to
we'll fight for tough men in knee-highs
and we can dress like she does, our flesh there to see
mock the times by saying "free your mind"
say, we can act if we want to
just to show our hottie-builds
and if we look like you, then you just may be moved
and you'll not dress like an imbecile

i say, underpants with my drag
everything's under control
underpants with my drag
i'm doing it, no balls will fall
underpants with my drag
everybody look how you're mad
underpants with my drag
every woman dresses this bad

safety pants
if i stay in drag
i wear safety pants

make them mad if i want to
with their "equal rights" i'll fight
as long as i abuse 'em, "equal rights" are proving
themselves having gone awry
i may make 'em mad if i want to
i can freak their childrens' minds
and the democrats want this, their vote says
but they won't send me smiles
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