i keep hearing "something's coming," on talk radio, regarding obama's falling polls and tea-parties and the people speaking up...and the democrats losing support.

could be, who knows?
there's something due any day
i behold guys' dismay, proved in the polls
it may come ballot-box to out the black guy
from the house-white, time that he goes

who knows?
he only fucks our country
now my doc trashes the doctor degree
my doc's been fearing that with president hu-
ssein, he'll pursue other degrees

could the b.s. of hu-ssein obama be seen through?
it might today
something's coming, i don't know what it is
but it is gonna speak hate

mister dick-tater drops, polls have lingered near the top
know that we're mad
something's coming, don't know when
we're unglued at his views, god damn black man

the town-reporters they're snitching 'bout the dissers
they're such a hitler-nazi
will they see left-wing's ills
maybe some might, most are still
seeing no err

come on, country, punch the nig
don't be shy, speak your mind, stand up and care
and care for country, here comes the patri't running
who knows?
it won't be fucked, our country
now the docs keep degrees
maybe tonight
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