someone sent me a message on a gay hookup site, known as manhunt.

nobody sends me a message, i send no messages to anyone, there are a few who resent me though.

i'm online as a bump on a log, for them.

then one sends me a message, not bad-looking, but as i was looking at his pic...

ooh, baby, anytime i yearn for gay things
balls and sweat and poo, and armpits
is the stink that's truth

cuz when i think of dudes, gay dreams
such things don't seem to matter
cuz when i think of dudes, gay dreams
all i think about is disgust

my lust it forms and masks the truth, and
it leaves me feeling scorned and bleeding
when i breathe, i'm faced with the truth

it's everything 'bout things
lust it don't seem to flatter
cuz when i think of things
all i think about is disgust

such disgust (with my lust)
ooh (lust disgust) it's dudes
(lust disgust)...

i know disgust, i just think of hu...
mans, i'm not aroused by anything like poo
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