"i hate sex...and i'm not gonna stand around, busting my balls over something that...quite frankly, isn't that damned important" - jim levinstein

sweat coming an odor, i'm vexed
i won't strip, don't like to sex farmers
men with ever-stinky brawn
knowing your pits stink,
what you have in store ain't a psyche
and your low-hanging raisinettes,
gotta seem blind to swallow, making me feel straight, yo!
cuz man, it's a payback, i wanna sex guys, boys
i gotta step back, freeze, cuz i don't want none
i'm lovin all his muscle, but humans reek some, damn
my boner's for all the guys i've met
licking at no cock, because i'm too legit for it...sang!

too legit, too legit for dick
too legit, too legit to rim
too legit, too legit for pits
too legit!

when i feel my bone, don't you make yours known
don't make a pass, it is bad when i live for libido
love in the shower, your armpits aren't sour
but stayin far away from lust just does matter
i choose to be nude with dudes who aren't q
cuz getting off with queens is breaking my inner dude
fools with no names, gays always blame
it's a shame they wanna screw with no rhyme or reason made
"can't change," says they're tethered and they know not their inners
licking ev'ry cock because they're not to question pleasure
i'm so not this type of imbecillic ditz
i know my mind, i'm too legit for dick...sang!

step to the rythm of a sho' nuff sinner
mine's as queer as yours, i just ain't no bullshitter
and i've a dude's pride to boot
you idolize the fittest, yo - you won't come to
i'm tru-ly ever my type, may what you're wishin for be re-al-ized
don't get it in the better-type men, it's
so gay to need men, cuz you'll finish second ever
you remind me of a queers' life story
run to loverguys, your scarred and voided
get ready, be ambitious, the dude for you
and be too legit for dick...sang!

white steeples, no rainbow need be
queers love to scorn what's anti-gay, they tweak
daily, the straight-type views that have proved and moved
countries up and on til today, no births are gay
queers wanna be an army that's a-leading the straights
ashamed and having a fit, imbecillic tots they wanna prove their importance
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