thanks to my lawyer in princeton for winning my case

my my my my youth's head-inj'ry and scars
made me say, "oh, my lord, thank you for sparing me"
though my life was blighted ten more years
it feels good cuz my life is sound
my super-dope home and puppies, oh wow!
and to o...bama: well this, you can't touch

annuities, boy, you can't touch this
yeah, that's how i'm living and you know you can't touch this
look at my life, man, you can't touch this
no, you can't touch, i've won this million

'xpensive win, my cash
i want a life that compensates my trauma-ed past
don't croon out of jeal'sy
just tend to life - yours - and let mine be
stop patrolling, obam-
a, you little bitch, because i know you want it gone
like caps, like caps
yo, it's my winnings, so no pay-caps
let you know, sir obama, that this salary...uh, you can't touch

yo, i told can't touch this
why you glaring, sad can't touch this
yo, that's my shell, hurt me sucker

live in obama's prison,
taxing to death, that's what he's livin' for
now you know you voted for the nigger
and you voted for control of minds and time
dylan's not sweating, no taxes are filed or paid
you'll learn nothing's gonna break me, i'm shinin' the bird
barack, you prick - people work hard but you slight their gold-digs

that hurts, i trust we know you can't trust him
you can't trust him
take him down!
stop! miller time!

don't be a dunce, turn against
the first black president, cuz you probably are next
to raise your hand for welfare, busted and bruised
with no job, you're running scared
this is it, you're a winner
damn that nig, cuz he's making you injured
dude, try the punch
jack's being nimble, we'll all try the punch
punch, punch, punch

yeah, you can't trust him
look, man, you can't trust him
you'd better provide, boy,
because you know you can't - you can't trust him
he's not well, dude, smack him

take him down!
stop! dylan time!

every time i see him, my head is full of spite
may dope that he snorts give a tragic end-of-life
now why would i ever talk such hatred?
the fathers founded freedom, barack ain't this
i've heard that 'round the world, barack is truly praised
it's "bama, go bama, sexy bama, yo bama"
then it's "death to u.s.a"

you can't trust him
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