when i open newsmax.com, i hope for news of obama's failures (well, news of bigger-than-previous failures)

so every day we see you, our heads hung in shame
some have to cry, some will lie,
justify your games
my memory serves me far too well

i just sit and curse you out, while thinking to myself
"he's a schoolboy - his polls just go down
why's this dummy at my county's helm?"
remembering acorn's fraud too well

it's just as though we all woke up
it's not as though he was never explained
but something might just have to change
sometimes we see through his games
i hope you'll never vote his race again

c'mon now, we've got to get wrong out

now everybody's talking about black man's "new way"
like the nation had to stumble cuz its ways aren't right
fix the "stupid mistakes" that made
all my countrymen make their own goodwill

don't you know that a year will soon take hold
some of us have gained good lives
from the ones who've got nothing no' mo'
someone hates it (someone hates it) when wealth ain't leased

and if this goon faces no impeachment
i don't really know
just how poor our country will get to be
but since you one time voted for change
since i do not share the blame
i'll assert my need to rape the dems

c'mon now, we sure have to get the wrong out
scumbag, scumbag, scumbag, scumbag, scumbag, scumbag...

the bastard is falling
i can pray for his demise
the bastard's young babies,
i hate his kids, i hate his wife
seems to me the peace i search to find
ain't gonna be mine until he's hated well
don't you keep me waiting for that day
i know, i know, i know, but who's the traitor, i'll say

i know, i know, i know, i know...
the answer i get, is barack...the answer i get is barack
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