i was in the bathroom, making poo, thinking of the pitfalls of being attracted to anything capable of making body odor

got to learn you're a ditz
you just look for pleasure and you want to see a dick
you take hints, now you'll mate
simply not to feel ugly, in this world of play
nine is young, not nineteen,
you should know your brothers' gender, your identity
shameful man, you little dork
see your body as taboo, you're gay forevermore

so come on, gay thing, don't you be an ass
why you wanna have no grasp?

i'm not apt to take my clothes off
to have a good time, oh no
with a gas-mask, i eat behinds
and lick balls' undersides, yuh-huck

i know that dudes are me
i'd chance it for the rear-utmost to see the man i'd be
i've got dreams, some came true
but my bod's half-baked when glutes aren't shapely
truth can bruise

so i'm a gay who needs a better ass
i am curious of man

i'm not apt to leave my clothes on
with a firm behind, oh no
though that's where your potty lives, i
will freak your ass sometime tonight

na na na na nana na, na na
na na na na nana na, na na
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