another song praising my pool-in-a-greenhouse

once to porn my life was throw-own
but now if nothing makes me go-go
with a record selection, in my greenhouse i'm phelps and
i'm dancing with myself

and there's no one in my life
no, but now i'll exercise
well i make me strong, it's my love, my labor
i'm imagining mike phelps

oh dancing with myself
oh dancing with myself
when there's nothing to do, then i lust for the pool
i'll be dancing for my health

and i'm good all over when girls
will stare at me like they yearn
when their sexy eyes scream "dude, fuck me dry"
see me laughing to myself

i don't think like lovers think
but still it gives me pride to think
that i am a man who all the world sees glam
but i'll be dancing with myself
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