This is a sample of the many letters of complaint I've sent via, to corporations.

With all of this talk of the superbowl, with all the images of the
teams, I feel compromised and violated and discriminated
againt, every time I compare talentless black men who are in
the workforce solely because of affirmative action, with
talentless white men on the football field solely because of
affirmative action. “What white men on the football field,” you ask.

I think I’ve already stated my point, but if whoever is reading
this was hired just to satisfy a racial quota, I may have to spell
it out. The National Football League is, in the words of
president Hussein, SHAMEFUL for not catering to people
who want something and do not possess what it takes to earn
it. The National Football League is SHAMEFUL for not
hiring more white men, even if blacks are more qualified. Are
they even more qualified, or is the NFL just in cahoots with
the NAACP?

There is the sole woman working on the highway with 6 men,
there is the gay “man” in Texas who sues to become a
Hooter’s girl. They’re people who feel entitled to work
wherever they want to work, despite not being qualified. You
have all the blacks in college, simply because of Affirmative
Action . You have women on the police force, struggling with
tasks requiring actual strength and not just “a woman can do
anything a man can do” type lip-service.

What about an equal number of white men on the NFL? The
NFL looks like the hood or a prison, where are the white
men?! They are not playing football. This is the exact same
thing as being sent to the black of the bus. Where is
compassion of the NFL? Where are the rights of the white
man, why doesn’t Affirmative Action protect the entitlements
of white men and force the NFL to hand them jobs as

I am overwhelmed with the racism of the NFL, but I feel that I
have made myself as plain as day. In closing, I will state that I
will never go to another football game again, until the NFL
opens their minds enough to follow Robert Redford and Meryl
Streep, Out Of Africa.

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