once i heard that aspertame was definitely not a healthy thing, i started buying juicy juice which has 120 calories per serving, and mixing it with three times as much water.  i wanted something low-calorie that tasted okay, though this mixture did not taste too great and had about 40-50 calories.

i found STEVIA, an all-natural sweetener, and STEVITA...and www.steviastevita.com, where i bought an assortment of stuff.  what i mix with water to give flavor, is no calories and it takes 8 little drops to make an 8 oz. drink.  i can fill up the juicy juice container with water, while adding like 60 or 70 drops, and i get a container of 0 calorie drink.

it is sweet and more flavorful than mixing juicy juice with water, it does not have any bad things like sucralose or aspertame, and for less than 3 dollars i will probably be able to make over 5 containers full.

i would say it's the best thing ever to come out of africa, how i like to taunt blacks, but the plant comes from brazil.  and that is in south america.  though blacks mostly live there, i think.

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