scrimac1985: hey how are you?
Me: hi i am ok how ar eyou
scrimac1985: im good just got home from work and the gym
scrimac1985: tired, but not enough to sleep yet
scrimac1985: what are you up to
Me: revising my website, as always. i'm just on while i do it.
scrimac1985: cool, i havent been on here in a long time. what kind of website do you have?
Me: just a homepage. it's
scrimac1985: lol
scrimac1985: hmm
scrimac1985: i guess u dont like black people?
Me: why? for your info, dj jazzy jeff and the fresh prince are on my mp3s.
Me: "nightmare on my street" right now
scrimac1985: but u use the word nigger in your website
scrimac1985: and refer to him as negro, both are derogatory
Me: to him
scrimac1985: most black people that saw that word would take offense even if not directed at them personally
scrimac1985: i mean i dont care if ur racist
scrimac1985: no biggie
scrimac1985: but just wondered
Me: didn't hillary clinton say ""I can't be responsible for every undercapitalized small business" - it's the same thing
scrimac1985: not really, its like George Bush referring to one gay man as a Faggot piece of shit, you are calling him an insult that is based on a group he belongs to
scrimac1985: so everyone the group hearing that word should be/ is offended
scrimac1985: If you just said he sucks then only he would be insulted
scrimac1985: you called him a nigger
Me: not everybody subscribes to your "group mentality"
scrimac1985: Find a black person that disagrees with me
scrimac1985: The only way it works is if another black person called him a nigger because they are part of the minority group being remarked at
Me: oh ha ok that's funny
Me: ironic
scrimac1985: indeed
scrimac1985: then its really an insult

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