this is the way i wash my ass.

there are like three plastic mops (read, phallus-like handles) next to my shower.  er, two mops and one pull-down bar from my old gym.  it's not a matter of pleasure, more than it is a "look ma, no hands" type of "look what i can do" triumph that i feel.  anyway, after sticking the end of the pull-down bar up there, i wanted to freshen up.  so, after sticking the open-end of a toothpaste tube up there and getting an almost burning feeling, i put a soapy washcloth over the end of the pull-down bar and stuck that up there.  i could not twist it, it hurt too much, but i did get clean.

this is a picture of the washcloth a couple inches up my ass.

and after i soaped up, i stuck my shower-dong up there to rinse, and i didn't even need any soap on the dong or my ass to get it up there.  i have the asshole of a slut, AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE SEX WITH ANYBODY.

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