today, july 10, i woke up hearing the piano instrumental from st. elmo's fire. i know it is called "just for a moment" or "for just a moment" - and i know the words which weren't sung in the instrumental - because my sister had the sheet music for the piano so that she could learn the song. i don't "hunt and peck" on the typewriter, but that is how i played sheet music on the piano.

anyway, my sister loved that movie. i guess it came out in 1984, i guess we saw it on cable when we got it in 1985 - she recorded it onto vhs. i had like 30 videotapes of 3 or 4 movies a tape (i recorded in slp mode), i did that in five years. but i also liked st. elmo's fire, i liked relationship-type movies like that - the breakfast club and stuff.

we laughed until we had to cry
and we loved until the last goodbye
we were the best i thought we'd ever be
just you and me, for just a moment

i typed the first verse from memory.

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