august 26, 2010

today i went to a casino that also had a pool and a gym, as well as a hotel. i went in the locker room and the whirlpool to do some exercises in the water, then i went in the pool. i kept going in and out of the pool and the locker room and sometimes the gym, i was expecting a call because the person i went with was playing in a poker tournament and i didn't know when he'd be done.

one of the times i went to my locker, there was a naked man there. with a mighty thick wiener. i just stared for maybe five seconds, his head was down. i didn't say anything, what was i supposed to say? i don't want to suck it - can't i have an burning fascination and curiosity of the masculine gender without feeling a need to suck on a man's sausage?

i guess my curiosity would get the best of me if something intrigued me enough to be sufficiently curious. i don't think a penis can do that and i think i'd need something more substantial. i am not psyched enough by a penis for it to move me. and i question the gender-identity of "men" who are. of "men" who ask for a "cock pic" when chatting online.

the man at the front desk, though, wow. give me one reason to stay queer and i'll turn right back around. maybe i'll have to parody that song.

"speak to me, baby" - prince

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