ten years - i have been doing this site for ten years...it's amazing

i guess i refuse to be not who i wanna be. in the words of a doc in langhorne, "dylan doesn't do what dylan doesn't wanna do"

i tend to write about adventures small and big
and web pages i'm churning-out deem me a lost blind kid
i'm alive with my site, i'm like a poet each day
trying to sort through my brain

and this lost blind kid has a wit and more
yeah, with all i could give, i wouldn't dream 'bout new york
my ego is a liar - they'd diss me, so i
i'll be wishing they'll find my site

i'm amazing, i can sing, i can write, my acting isn't trite
it's amazing i was going to die but i so was seeing life
i'm amazing, and i'm saying my prayers cuz i'm next to the heart of christ

and some said docs said "permanent vacation"
or "now life's paralyzed, just hope to live"
i'm over thirty, not my head, it's brain-dead
and i just can't tell you just what's maturity

i had to learn to talk, i had to learn to walk
and i just didn't give in to any crutch of docs
was too proud to be beat, one right-handed shoe-tie
slaps in the face of pride

i'm no baby, let me be the same guy i have been all my life
compensation, well i know it's not right so i won't deceive my mind
it's the same as never taking a chance to be eminem part two, right?

and i'm a star, and i'm a star......wiki wiki wikikikikow!
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