chatting in a gay chatroom, i told someone that it was rainy and cold, and that i was not looking to do anything. he called me a passy, then told me that he was working outside between the storms. so, here is my "touche" - not my douche - tou'che maybe:

"i may not wanna brave the rain and cold - but while you're reaching out for someone to hold, i am not apt to be as curiously occupied by another man's body as you are, so that says something about the level of 'pussy' in us both"

late at night, in the dark alone, i reach out for someone to bone
when i'm blue, when i'm lonely, i get screwed by the golden muscle-man
my naked man gets me complete

in my time, i've wondered if gay males self-doubt while for brawny-made males
when the gays say they're prouder,i've no shame if they're prouder to need a man
no waning man is who i be

i've had men, ah, i live to play - life's not lame if it's entertained
i've had balls and mens' gigantic nuts, just like women - i don't grasp the crux of man
so my naked man's the grasp i need

oh, the straights won't ever berate us while they're making jokes
the straights in the public schools are getting soft
but oh, how proud i be - rained on by nothing keeps my self-esteem going strong

i am far from the life of straight men with my gender-scars, but my pride's unshaken
now i bone many queer-things - it's unknown that i'm really one half-man
but my naked man will fuck the whole in me (alt: hole in me)

ever since gay-days began, no waning man is who i be
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