on my 36th birthday, i was fooling around in my pool-in-a-greenhouse after getting my 2010 structured-settlement payment wired down to my bank that morning. i was going to pay off my home loan with it, but wanted to get my credit better, so over $100,000 is sitting in my savings account waiting for me to make payments every month.  george strait's "the best day" came on as i was swimming - and today may not be the best day of my life, but i'll pretend it is.

i loaded up in pete's station wagon
just to test the rope-swing that kingwood had
i wish i rode with school-friends i'd known
pete played a horn in band, that was that

on the delaware, we meant to get there
there's no slowing when trees hide the sign that warns
as we burned on through the crossing road
we should have been no more

damn, that could be the worst day of my life
i'd no seat-belt, saved my life from being crushed so bad
that's me, the dude using just the roadside as a tomb
the unluckiest boy alive, that was the worst day of my life

for fifteen long days, i was out
nights, my mom cried to sleep
when i woke, i'd soon find the life i had
could not support an injured brain

when you're in your teens,
your needs revolve around your grinnin' peers
but my life of friends, it would so soon just end
because of how my mind went weird

i said, "damn, these could be the worst days of my life"
"i've been feeling way too slight around the friends i have"
that's me, the dude using some pride only as the proof
that self-loviness lives inside, i was depressed though at my life

swimming in my little pool at 36 with the retro-pop
looking around my place, i'd been empty for way too long

i said, "damn, this could be the best day of my life"
"i've been dreaming for delight since being a youth"
"just to be on earth, watch me do without my hurt"
"i'm the luckiest man alive, this is the best day of my life"

"i'm the luckiest man alive, this is the best day of my life"
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