you want reparations to make like slavery didn't happen?
today's laws don't apply to centuries gone by

i turn on the tube and what do i see
a whole lotta negros lament slavery
they point their racist little fingers at everybody's wealth
as all their cries are for what they've never felt
victims of whips, whips and their cracks
you're all "progressive," but the past has you trapped

get over it, get over it
all this whining, crying, pitching a fit
get over it, get over it

so, hey, you hadn't been a slave but you have to milk it bad *
and you might feel better if i gave you some cash
you poor poor negro coward, unwilling to try
let's kill all who've wronged you, kill them damned whites
you don't wanna work, you wanna live off of me
cuz the big bad world isn't giving you things

get over it, get over it
you're not o-ppressed today, get the life you want lived
get over it, get over it

it's like covetous and jealous, every time i hear you speak
you're making it known that you're a losing streak
i call the nigs, alive just to feed

you drag it around like a ball and chain
al sharpton and his ilk, they've got you by the brain
embrace it like the fags, your past hurts make you proud
got to blind all the others, giving all their money now
you bitch about the present and blame it on the past
i'd like your pious nigger-style just taken way out back

* milk it or mlk it, i get so tired of glenn beck milking mlk day in and out
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