seth has been in the back of my mind, knowing he is in the band les savy fav. so, around october 2010 is when i found out - i did an internet search and learned about it - i search a lot for high school people. i did a parody of "why can't i be you," because he really liked the cure in school. thinking about a life like his, i realize that i don't want it - though i may want my site as recognized as his music is...i just want to be around the house every day. it's so hard to wave goodbye to ev'ryday.

how can i say goodbye to what i have had?
the good life, the way i am, the place i'm at
i've got my pets, pool and my web-work
and i'll never walk away
it's so hard to wave goodbye to ev'ryday

i don't hold any goals, i know it's too weird
only hope for fans, my web is just what i do
if they went to see my songs or
just ogle my manly face
i'd be charmed to make their lives half-entertained

and i'm praising nearly everything
that brings my young life laughter each day
it's so hard to wave goodbye to ev'ryday

and my brain is feeling memories
of me in the time past, the tenth grade
it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday
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