i started out wearing Strongwoman's short summer clothes, after seeing a man in a tank-top being asked to put a shirt on - in a restaurant with many Strongwomen in tube-tops. i now wear wrestling singlets, i can get normal ones or revealing ones marked as "gay-themed" off of ebay. i have written so many letters of complaint to many corporate headquarters after being told i cannot show as much skin as Strongwoman - wombman - i think i am infamous.  with my insolent website-advertising bumper- art and the website-advertising letters of complaint.

guess i don't have the thirst, march for things
cuz i don't have to yearn for pride
i'm not that burned to know there's unspoken things known as rules

hello, i'm just a dude who's sweating while wombmen lounge each day, half-nude
the tank-top's meant for me and muscled men, not meek half-truths
i won't be seen condoning these fools

but now, although my own eyes see i'm pushing wombmens' pride
by mocking their dress, oh i seem to most as a loon
hopeless and alone and a loon, don't get me condoning these fools

my head is saying, "you'll regret this"
my heart is saying, "go, man, go"
go on, you critic, bash their pride-reflex with truth
i won't be seen condoning these fools

cuz how i've opened my eyes and i've pushed out wombmens' lies
i'm mocking their dress, don't they see their own selves as goons?
won't they be atoning their moves, won't they even know they're some loons
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