a song by hootie and the blowfish, maybe "i only wanna be with you," reminds me of the motels on trinity lane by i-65 in nashville.   the summer of '97 is when i first went down there.  here is that story.

back to this story, the president and secretary of state came on tv and i became ally sheedy.   i really can't look directly at that negro.  i hate that negro with a seething and diabolical passion.

every time i look at you, i say "die"
every time i look at you, i say "die"
it's a warning, my hate of them in white house, keep it quiet or be jailed
every time i look at you, i say "die"
i won't be hunting them, something in me just hopes kidneys will fail
i need to half-conceal all this doom that i feel for these phonies

little child who we voted in the house-white
when g. dubya's liked by few alive
what did we think we'd get through spite?
every time i look at you, i say "die"
i say "die"

well, some in venezuela are certain he's the man to lead
live free, where's obama - o don't care, no one stands to be free
i think we'll have repubs fight the negro lame-duck
when our votes win seats, vote libs beat

o'b, o'b, well you're gonna get sent to the fire

(as if muslims aren't already there)
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