i was brushing my teeth after having written "tell her about it," thinking i should write some more billy joel parodies so they can catch up to the number of madonna parodies. "parodies i write aren't contrived, usually the titles just hit me," i thought. i guess since "tell her about it" came from the "an innocent man" lp, i thought of "an insolent man" - that suits me to a t. so here i go...

some people stay far away from my car when there's a chance of me rolling on out
they sneer, avoid cuz they're all for pride as protected (just like a child)
some people live to be mean to these runts who have anger for being less than dudes
gays and "strong women," oxymoro...nic, and don't even tell them they're slight

i know they're always protecting themselves
they're only meaning to stunt mental-health

stunt what would burn through
the pride that they love, naming dunces as 'tough' as they're denying what is meant to be
pride is a crutch, wombmen never think they're as void as gays praising man
some females think they're a guy in their souls, because encouragement says "be who you want"
i know you'd deem me an evil guy because i am an insolent man
i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm an insolent man, oh yes i am

some people feign mas'c'line identity, another oxymoronic facade
because when joe steals attention of mel, gays know some parts of "man" isn't learned
some people pleasing their own sex at night instead of taking the other to bed
some people find that they're needier for same-sex to make them feel whole

i know you don't wanna hear why we lay
i know you've got a gene turning you gay

but i am male with an eye for the guys, i can see i'm a child
my rock-hard love shows i spew excitement
my rock-hard love's saying dudes make me wild and the dude in me might be outcast
some people cum when their noggin is psyched, some people figure "blame it on the wind"
and all those "wimyn" whose spite says they bruise, they are bruised like the typical fag

i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmm a cynical fag
oh yes i am...an insolent man

i know enough to burn your sense made of spite
i guess you'd rather be 'lectronic at night

that's prideful living, to hide feeling so empty, wanting to bone
when there's no sadness that's erecting your junk
my rock-hard love knows i lack in my heart so i sprout when nude bods will outcast
some females cope with the weakness they sport, some females just pretend they're equal to men
i'm as willing to feign my self-pride just to hide feeling insuffi-shant

i aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so insuffi-shant
and yes i am a cynical fag
oh oh oh oh
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