today i went to the grocery store with my electronic cigarette hanging out of my mouth - drag in, breathe out. a manager or something came up to me, a wombman (of course - affirmative action is everywhere).

"you need to put that out NOW," she said, and i just explained that it was water vapor - not smoke. i should have said, "you've been PUNK'D".

i like to psyche people out. short-shorts in the summer, be them shorts or underoos. "nobody wants to see that," they say, as if wombmen are the only ones who can dress comfortably.

mocking ev'rything, i am real charmed
if it's my panty-hose or my cigs, i'm hard
when you're all psyched (that's right)

i'll mock the bitch with electric smoke,
she's got to say "quit all the smoke you blow tonight"
but that's not right

surely have prepped for this since '84
madonna's how i poke their fears
this commotion's her form of art

this must be just like living a parody
cuz i don't want no real smoke
this must be just like living a parody
cuz i so wanna provoke

sue me, sue me - girl, for crying out loud
you got burned by my moves, you made me awful proud
psyche me, well that's the psyche i need

won't dress to faint or sweat, i'm down with sass
i'll dress half-naked, just to say you're just as bad
oh, half-wit, half-wit

some don't get equal cuz they'd be a joke
but life's a stage
and one side may need much to be
so played on by a dope who shows

they must be sometimes living unflattered lives
and they don't wanna be, so
they just need some hype naming them justified
so they dress naughty and smoke
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